What is it?

A unified Customer Care system improves the decision making of agents as well as the level of resolution.

It is common for logistics companies to use different points of contact with their customers such as live chat, email or phone calls

Tuklo's features

We offer an omni-channel solution to manage all conversations with recipients. In this way, with a single point of contact, companies can integrate the delivery system, unify contact data, interaction history and order details for each customer, delivery person and partner


Incidents contain a ticketing section. These tickets can be managed by different members of the team according to their needs for the optimal resolution of the incident and they provide a series of information such as: the recipient’s details, their interaction history and the time taken to resolve the incident

Status management per ticket: New, Open, Pending, On Hold and Solved

Predefined response templates

Add a priority to a ticket

Label system for each ticket

Assign or reassign responsible persons

Metrics of control and monitoring of the team based on KPI’s

Create update date alarms

Assign customer or supplier to ticket

Whatsapp Integration

Send customized notifications, customer care messages and relevant information to your customers via WhatsApp

Through the location feature users can share their location at any time to update their delivery info

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption guarantees the security of sensitive information

Calls from switchboard

Power your customer experiences across the delivery experience

Connect couriers and end-customers any time, from anywhere, with your Customer Success team

Enhance your customer experiences with voice automation and provide your team and service agents with tools to easy solve any incidence

The transmitting phone can be edited according to geographic location

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