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Zerca, a Zaragoza-based company that owns a non-perishable goods marketplace. It is the leading local commerce marketplace in Spain, with 1,500 vendors and more than 60,000 transactions completed in 2022

The company has created ZercaYa!, another different marketplace for the sale of local and proximity products with immediate delivery

The aim is to bring local commerce closer through ecommerce, supporting a model of responsible consumption

With a presence in the city of Zaragoza, it currently has 15 businesses associated with its platform

Tuklo provides Zerca with the possibility to manage ecommerce sales through an automated sales platform with WhatsApp

ZercaYa! is able to reach your customers in an easy and direct way, as well as to manage orders from purchase to delivery of the business

About Zerca

ZercaYa! is a platform that focuses on digitising the local food trade, providing a technological solution to small businesses and restaurants looking to expand their business and improve their competitiveness in the market. The company partners with different retailers and restaurateurs in the province of Zaragoza, providing them with access to a platform that allows them to reach new market segments and increase their reach.

With ZercaYa! local businesses can control their inventories, increase their efficiency, improve their online visibility and offer a convenient and personalised shopping experience to their customers, all with the aim of helping them compete with large companies and grow in an increasingly competitive market.

We want to offer a sustainable and attractive model for digital shopping and services, boosting the economy and the labour market in our area – Rubén, Zerca

Their target audience includes end customers (B2C), but they do not rule out using it as (B2B) in the future, as they seek to offer technology and the option to digitise small businesses, as well as the possibility for consumers to shop in the nearest shops with the same convenience and home delivery service as large companies.

The target audience of Zerca’s platform is:

These are local consumers who live in the geographical area where the platform’s partner shops are located and are looking to buy products and services close to their home or workplace

They are interested in local products and services and value the products and services offered by local businesses

They are looking for a convenient and personalised shopping experience, and are willing to shop at well-known and trusted local retailers

They value sustainable purchasing and consuming products in a way that reduces their impact on the ecological footprint

They are looking for fresh, quality products and are willing to buy from local specialist shops


Among the problems that local businesses encounter and that ZercaYa! wants to solve there are:

Limitations in outreach to a wider audience, which may limit your sales potential and your ability to attract customers

Difficulty competing with large companies in terms of access to technology and ability to reach a wider audience

Inventory control: Without a digitised system, it can be difficult to control inventory, which can negatively affect business efficiency

Efficiency: Without a digitised system, it can be difficult to automate and simplify sales processes, which can negatively affect business efficiency

Customer loyalty: Without a digitised system, it can be difficult to provide a convenient and personalised shopping experience for customers, which can negatively affect customer loyalty

Dependence on delivery platforms that negatively affect their sales margins

Immediacy of delivery: retailers are not integrated with logistics companies to deliver their orders

The digitalisation of our business has been key to our survival in an increasingly competitive market. We are now able to reach a wider public and offer a more efficient and personalised service to our customers, which has significantly increased our sales. – Antonio Gracia, from Frutas Selectas Antonio Gracia

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