What is it?

In order to develop or manage a well-coordinated and functional reverse logistics or returns management it is appropriate to have the right technology in place to manage the return of goods processes in the supply chain, which encompasses customer returns, return of excess inventory and recycling of packaging

Investing in technology that facilitates the management of reverse logistics has a clear and direct business impact. With Tuklo you can take control of: administration, collection, transport and customer service from a single platform

On the other hand, the benefits of having a technology that enables reverse logistics are:

Increased credibility and brand image

Improve user experience

Reducing logistics costs

Helping to protect the environment

Reverse logistics components

There are different types of services associated with reverse logistics:


Customers may want to return a purchased product because the user experience does not meet their requirements


Involves recovering interchangeable and reusable parts or materials from products


Involves disassembly, cleaning and reassembly

Packaging management

Reuse of packaging materials in order to reduce waste. It also includes the management of the disposal of such waste according to legal channels

Repairs and maintenance

Some products include preventive or periodic maintenance which involves sending parts to the origin for overhaul

Unsold goods

Returns to manufacturers or distributors due to poor sales performance, defective goods or delivery problems

Delivery failure

A product may have been delivered to the wrong address and needs to be resent to the originating destination to resolve the issue

End of Life (EOL)

When a product reaches the end of its life, it means that it is no longer useful or functional, or has been replaced by an alternative that improves its productivity. These products end up being recycled or discarded

Rentals and leasing

For equipment or assets that have reached the end of their rental or leasing contract, the owning company usually resells, recycles or redeploys it, as appropriate

Tuklo´s features

Management of deliveries and collections on a single platform: the recipient will enjoy a better after-sales experience

Routing of deliveries and collections, optimising delivery routes, reducing return times and improving sustainability

Traceability of collections with visibility for both seller and buyer

Assignment of reasons for return at goods and dispatch level

Creation of labels and re-labels, both physical and digital (labeless)

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