Last mile parcels dispatch screen


  • Reverse logistics

    Create a new return shipping label for the shipment and update any changes while getting your products back into your inventory

  • QR code and barcode

    Item tracking using barcodes or QR codes. Our app reads every barcode or QR code in the marketplace to create routes

  • In-app alerts

    Set up alerts to check orders assigned to routes. Prevent your drivers from being assigned orders that do not correspond to their route

  • App for logistics operators

    Scan and sort with ease and in the palm of your hand. Can scan packages from a mobile device, tablet or scanner

Driver control

  • Staff programming

    Create, manage and share the scheduling of your staff, from logistics operators to drivers

  • Forecast

    We know how important it is for the health of your business to plan ahead for your next demand. Our forecasting tool will help you with this

  • Direct driver contact

    With just one click you will establish contact with your driver. Click to call

Carrier overview screen
Screen with an overview of the different order statuses

Driver app

  • Packet entry

    Easily scan and list packages

  • Routing

    We are looking for the best route without complications

  • Proof of delivery and tracking code

    We send a tracking code to your customers and once they receive their package a complete POD will be shared with you: ID, signature and photo.

Destinations and deliveries

  • PUDO´s

    Local shops or retail outlets offering parcel pick-up and delivery service to allow their customers more convenient locations

  • Lockers

    A contactless, sustainable and convenient way to receive, return and send parcels from a single location.

  • Hub to home, Home to home and Business to home

    You can send parcels between individuals or between businesses and provide a tracking link

Screen with a summary of your PUDO status

We are enable logistics for any kind of industries

Logistic carriers

Manage all your delivery operations through one solution

Food and beberages

Offer different delivery types to each type of good


Plan instant, scheduled or multi-drop deliveries


Move and keep track of your vehicles around the city


Move inventory between hubs and provide visibility

Multi carrier

Manage multiple delivery suppliers from one single point