Factors in choosing the best route

Number of deliveries to be made

Addresses of final recipients

The distance between the different delivery points

The amount of fleet available

The capacity of the fleet with which the delivery is carried out

The differences in the zones where a vehicle cannot transit

The time window for deliveries

Multicarrier: different delivery companies

Advanced routing optimisation

Design more efficient and cost-effective routes by taking into account all the variables that affect your operation

Manage from a single screen: traffic, delivery and customer service teams

Optimise your fleet and delivery team and concentrate your deliveries

Monitor your entire operation in real time and keep track of deliveries and returns

Routing algorithm

Our proprietary route optimisation system collects historical and predictive traffic data and delivery times, taking into account the following variables:

Type of delivery: cold chain, fragile, long distance,etc

Technical characteristics of the vehicles: maximum authorised mass, weight, dispatch capacity and volume.

Distances between delivery and collection points, including reverse logistics

Operate from a single platform

Design and plan the most efficient route according to vehicle type and assign it to your drivers. Add vehicle load limits, delivery times or slots and territorial restrictions such as pollution episodes or low-emission zones

Live analysis of the location of vehicles and drivers, their stops, and whether they are meeting expectations

Manages multi-stop routes and ETAs

Control all fleet journeys

Make data-driven decisions

We offer a BI (data analysis) module that reflects the main metrics of the operation. This allows you to identify opportunities and areas for improvement before, during and after delivery

Route profitability

Under- or over-utilisation of the fleet

Successful delivery rate

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