Optimise your route and save on distribution costs. Be efficient and contribute to the environment


Control the package by assigning customers, suppliers, end users, dates and budgets


Classify the panels by customer, warehouse and status, being able to modify according to operational needs in an easy way. Integrate your Sorter and manage it from the screen



Collect and manage the package from the moment it enters the warehouse until it is collected by the driver

From customer to end user

Organise and deliver your parcels by customer and keep track of them all the way through to delivery to the end user

On which route?

Several cities? Different routes? List them all and keep track of them in detail


Forget about traffic jams

Easily add, delete or re-optimise several addresses along your route

Keep your vehicles up to date

Add, delete or update the status and availability of your vehicles

Get in touch with the client

You can quickly solve any problem by calling the customer with our in-app solution. We guarantee your privacy


Account and user administration

Configure the panel according to client, user and permissions

Managing your data

Don’t overwhelm your employees with unnecessary information, show on the dashboard only the information needed by each department

Cost control by distribution area

Separate by zones and cities for a better operational and financial organisation. Choose the type of carrier you assign to each of them. Better control variable costs

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