Create different types of service

White goods: delivery of white goods with home delivery, installation or removal of the old one

Brown range: delivery of picture and sound related electronics such as TVs, monitors or sound bars

Palletised goods: delivery by lorry or trailer over short or long distances

Divide between dispatch and bulk

It maintains end-to-end traceability throughout the logistics chain

In pallet loading, when each pallet is confirmed, all products on each pallet are automatically confirmed

Integrate your rates with those of your customers

The goods have associated services on an individual level, such as in white goods delivery where a refrigerator, installation and removal of the old one

With Tuklo you can determine the rates for your types of service, associate costs and manage incidents

Add different transport vehicles to the cargo

Drivers can receive their roadmap at any time, both in a physical version and reflected in the app through the control panel

You can add the type of vehicle with its cubic capacity to improve decision making, including technical characteristics

The final recipient can view the delivery note in the application and sign the delivery

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