Development of energy and greenhouse gas efficient transport and logistics software and systems

Create a routing technology that enables more efficient use of fuel, which will help reduce pollution and protect the environment

Quantification of the carbon footprint of delivery vehicles for its control and definition of eco-friendly policies for an effective reduction

Commitment and control of the use and dissemination of personal data of users and customers during the execution of delivery and customer service tasks


Promoting diversity and inclusion in the company’s workforce, with recruitment and training programmes designed to promote equal opportunities

Committing to remote working for 100% of the workforce

Career plan and internal promotion through continuous training and development of specialisations

Real work-life balance through flexitime policies


Implementation of ethical practices in the management of the company, including transparency in decision-making and avoidance of conflicts of interest

Commitment to update and accurately measure carbon footprint calculation

Policies to avoid conflicts of interest and, by all means, not to engage in unlawful practices

Vote transparently on all complicated decisions always involving all stakeholders and shareholders