Solutions for any type of business

We want to make it simple and smooth


Increase your operations, reduce costs and emissions and improve the end customer experience

Reverse Logistics

Take control of administration, collection, transport and customer service


Create and manage your own service types associating tariffs

Customer Service

We offer an omni-channel solution to manage all conversations with recipients

Control Tower

Gather everything you need in one platform


Create static or dynamic routes. The one that best suits your business

Organisation and Follow-up

Control every step of the process


Fleet management for freelancers and 3PL. Plan your routes and save time every day

Last Mile Delivery

Access tools to help you organise and deliver your shipments: from origin to destination, from label creation to returns management and route optimisation before delivery


Organise your parcels more efficiently and reduce errors

Driver app

Provide your fleet with tools to make their day-to-day work easier

Reverse logistics

Control the chain from start to finish by putting our efforts into reducing returns

On Demand

Fast delivery service to provide the best customer experience with our instant delivery app


Tracking of pending and ongoing deliveries in real time

Simplify your operations

Integrate any marketplace or ecommerce and assign orders to your fleet of couriers

Save time

Our algorithm will assign the best route to the best courier with a 5-star service

Add Ons

Modular system of functionalities that help you to organise your day-to-day life


Keep detailed control of your variable costs, both from customers and suppliers

Staff control

Access to our complete human resources module, time and attendance, clocking in and out, register new employees and much more

Customer service

Receive notifications and fix any errors in an agile way

Easily integrate all your systems with Tuklo

With our APIs you can easily integrate Tuklo with any systems, no matter how complex. Quickly add tools for ecommerce platforms, lockers and PUDO’s, operations and customer service

Your technology partner

We carry out customised developments to offer you the functionalities you need

Logistical requirements

Not all companies are the same and their logistics needs are not the same. As logistics experts, we understand the difficulties involved in this management

Digital solutions

We offer digital solutions adapted to each process to maximise the logistics of each company

Strategic alliances

We seek to establish long-term relationships, becoming a strategic ally that is involved in the company. To be a partner, not a supplier

Why Tuklo?

We want to create a bond and a shared objective: to achieve business success through digitalisation

Technology and innovation

We keep abreast of the best technological developments to identify the right solution for efficient business digitisation

Resource optimisation

Tuklo’s expertise as a technology partner means better use of resources and increased productivity

Expertise and advice

We advise and accompany our clients in facing their main challenges, focusing on the main problems arising from logistics

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